Our parish is happy to have paid for an annual subscription for all parishioners and friends of St. Joseph to – Formed.org.

FORMED is like Netflix for the Catholic Church – there are many awesome Catholic resources for adults, teens, children, families and the like for all ages.  This resource will help everyone deepen their faith, watch quality programming and also to pray.  It is FREE for all parishioners of St. Joseph – all you need is an email to log in.  Here are the easy steps to log in.

  • Visit FORMED.org
  • Click Sign up
  • Click – I belong to a parish or organization
  • Type St Joseph Grimsby – in the “find your parish or organization” box and click on our parish name once it populates
  • Click Next
  • Add your name and email address – then click sign up
  • Enjoy FORMED

Setting Up a Prayer Space for Children

Praying before, during and after the Rosary – Parents

Praying One Decade of the Rosary