Here at St. Joseph Parish, we are so grateful to the many parishioners and benefactors who so graciously donate their time, talent and treasure to build the kingdom of God.

With regard to finances, there are a few ways to donate to the parish

  1. Register with the parish and receive parish envelopes – to assist you with giving on a weekly basis and receive a tax receipt at the end of the year.
  2. Drop into the parish office and leave an offering with any member of the Pastoral Team – receiving credit once again and a tax receipt is issued at year end.
  3. Sign up for giving electronically – through an etransfer.  Any funds given will be credited and a tax receipt is issued at year end.  Please see the steps to send an etransfer to the parish

Send an etransfer to the parish email for purposes of etransfers only –  

Note – you are asked NOT to attach a security question or password to the etransfer.  Please include your envelope number in the message area if you have one.  If you do not have a registration number, please include your full mailing address.  You will receive an email back confirming your gift which will state “RCEC – St. Catharines was deposited.” 

Thank you in advance for your generosity – as a community called to serve God and build His kingdom here in Grimsby, the Diocese of St. Catharines and our world!